21 Questionable Pieces Of Life Advice From The IT Crowd October 1, 2014 11:40

You may be surprised to learn that our IT Crowd heroes Moss, Roy & Jen were modern day prophets!

You may be not so surprised to learn that their advice is to be avoided at all costs. 

1. Don't waste your time with people.


2. Always keep calm in an emergency... 


... but just in case, make sure to memorize the emergency number. 


3. Always start the day with a nutritious breakfast.


4. You're never too old to dance at the front.


5. Sanitation is key.


6. Try your best to look 'normal'.


7. First days on the job are nothing to worry about.


8. Even Richmond can have an off day.



9. Sometimes using bad language is necessary.


10. When it comes to women, play hard to get.


11. Never open the door.


12. This is the Internet in all it's glory...


13. Prison changes a man. 


14. Be ready with a quick comeback, no matter the situation.


15. Have snacks at the ready.


16. Avoid social situations at all costs.


17. Be enthusiastic at sporting events. 


18. Break-ups can be hard.


19. Be proud of your weirdness. 


20. No one understands you like your best friend. 


21. This one piece of advice can solve all of life's problems.