Mr Bean Speaks... June 23, 2020 10:49

“For me, the best way to increase society’s resistance to insulting or offensive speech is to allow a lot more of it. As with childhood diseases, you can better resist those germs to which you have been exposed. We need to build our immunity to taking offence...”

The 3 Mugs All British Comedy Fans Must Have June 2, 2020 10:59

1. Don't Mention The War

All of us a little bit of Basil Fawlty inside. This iconic character from Fawlty Towers is one of Cleese' best.

2. Smoke Me A Kipper

Only Rimmer could stuff something up so bad.

3. Your Mother Was A Hamster

Never has an insult stung so much from the British...

21 Questionable Pieces Of Life Advice From The IT Crowd October 1, 2014 11:40

You may be surprised to learn that our IT Crowd heroes Moss, Roy & Jen were modern day prophets! Unfortunately their advice is to be avoided at all costs.

Welcome To MoBC! September 1, 2014 10:47

Welcome to the Ministry of British Comedy blog where we're going to be sharing some of the funniest British Comedy moments we've seen!

And what better way to start it off then with some of the best Ministry of Silly Walks clips going around: